“There are many things I like about the Center for Active Living at White Birch including the sense of connection that I feel with the staff and participants, the varied programs and activities offered, and the attention given to reach out to a wide range of folks…retired as well as the boomers.”

“As a primary care physician–I love hearing from my senior patients who use the White Birch Center about how they haven’t fallen since then started participating in chair exercise classes, or how much they enjoy going on day trips with their friends. As a health care provider I like knowing there are places like this I can suggest to my local seniors.”

“There is always a welcoming atmosphere created by the staff and the other participants at White Birch’s Center for Active Living.  We play, laugh, engage in serious conversations and learn so much from each other’s life experiences.  I feel very blessed and privileged to be part of this vibrant White Birch community.”

As a relative new comer to Henniker, it was important to me to reach out and begin to be part of a community of active like-minded adults…my clan so to speak.   I started to attend some of the varied activities, trips and programs being offered.  Besides becoming informed about subjects that benefit me at this stage of my life, I continue to enjoy meeting and getting to know the other participants in the program.

“I feel so blessed to be a part of the White Birch Knit Wits (knitting group). This is such a wonderful group of ladies that get together once a week to work their little hands making such wonderful and beautiful items to donate to many great causes throughout our state. I Love spending time with all of them – sharing our skills and laughs. It gives me great pleasure to do my part to help in any way that I can. I also Love the social time!”