The White Birch Center for Active Living is a dynamic program offering older adults in our community the opportunity to engage with others and embrace wellness. Through a variety of activities for the body, mind, and soul, we provide a fun and supportive avenue to socialize and be vibrant.


Our Active Living Program is found in The Welcome Room, located at the bottom floor of our white building. The Welcome Room is the home for all the different types of programming we offer through White Birch Active Living that isn’t under the tent during the summer, or an offsite excursion. This room also serves as a place of resource where members can meet and spend time together or access the sign-up sheets for any upcoming events.

The office of Rusty Gage, our Director of Active Living, is located adjacent to the Welcome Room and is always available to answer any questions you may have or just to chat.



8:00am – 4:00pm   (Subject to change based on programming)

Regular Programs (See Active Living Calendar for In-depth monthly schedule)

Bone Builders 

An excellent exercise program developed by the Friends RSVP located in Concord. The goal/mission of the program is to improve strength, balance, bone density, and reduce the likelihood of a fall. The program meets weekly at the White Birch Active Living Center.


 A group of Active Living members meet weekly to play the card game Bridge.

Mah Jongg

Members of the Active Living community come together weekly to play the Chinese game Mah Jongg where 144 tiles are drawn and discarded until one player secures a winning hand.

Breakfast Club Meet at Intervale Farm Pancake House

Every single month, a group of Active Living members meet at the Intervale Farm Pancake House here in Henniker where they have breakfast and socialize.  


KniWits is a White Birch Active Living knitting group that meets weekly to knit, talk, and share a passion for the hobby.

Gentle Yoga

The Gentle Yoga Program led by Yogi Tom Sherman, practices seated yoga poses while also introducing exercises that promote health and a better range of mobility. This class costs $5.00 to participate.


A group of Active Living members meet and play the card game Cribbage. All levels of skillsets are welcome!

Trivia With Marc

Trivia with Marc is a monthly trivia game where two teams are formed and questions are drawn from the game Trivial Pursuit.  The program is hosted by our Executive Director Marc McMurphy who always keeps the game fun and interesting!

Featured Movie Event

Each month, a movie is featured on the large T.V. found in the Active Living Center.  Free popcorn and drinks are always provided as refreshment.


Active Living Transportation Resources/Contacts





G.V.N.A. Community Health 

Jennifer Brechtel 

Home:(603) 230-5673

Cell: (603) 410- 9865


G.V.N.A. Senior Health Clinic 

Trish O’ Laughlin


Town of Henniker Social Worker 

Carol Confortti-Adams 

(603) 428 3221 ext. 7


Community Action Rural Transportation (R.T.S.) Director 

Cindy Yanski

Home: (603) 225 – 3295 Ext. 1210 


Cell: (603) 892 – 5676