Our Vision

The vision of White Birch Center is to enrich life and strengthen community.

Our Mission

The mission of White Birch Center is to be a community leader in providing exceptional programs and services that support learning and active living for children, adults, and families.

What’s Important To Us Right Now


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November 24th & 25th for Thanksgiving 

November 18th, 2022

We wish you all a safe and happy Turkey Day!

3rd Annual WBC & Henniker Family Dentistry Halloween Parade

November 1st, 2022

In the names of tradition, community, and holiday spirit, Henniker Family Dentistry invited White Birch Center back for our 3rd Annual Halloween Parade! Last Thursday, more then 80 of our students, parents, staff, and seniors paraded their way up Hall Avenue to the dentistry in full costume. Once everyone arrived at the dentistry, we all partook in some spooky Halloween themed fun stations, treats, and a full-on dance party. As we made our way back down to White Birch, we also stopped by our friends at Ayer & Goss to share in the celebration and say hello. We are so thankful to both our business neighbors in making this holiday so significant for our students and participating families.
In addition to creating a special day for our students, Henniker Family Dentistry will also generously donate $10.00 to White Birch Center for every individual who participates in the parade dressed in costume or comes in for a dental appointment throughout the week dressed for Halloween.
Thank you, Henniker Family Dentistry, for supporting White Birch Center and maintaining such a special holiday tradition with us.

9th Annual Paquette & Shaw Golf Classic

October 5th, 2022

Thanks to so many of our community members, the 9th Annual Paquette & Shaw Golf Classic Tournament was a success! We enjoyed seeing so many local businesses and members of the community participate in such a fantastic event. Whether you played 18 holes of golf or volunteered your expertise somewhere else on the beautiful Beaver Meadow golf course, we appreciate you. Your support during events like this allow us to continue having a positive impact within the lives of the many children and Active Living members we serve, as well as the Greater Concord community. We can’t wait for next year!

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