“The White Birch seniors are going to miss all of our wonderful programs this Winter. I’m going to miss seeing everyone.”

“I am somewhat new to the group, just 2 years, but feel these women have been my friends forever.The knitting group is central to my sense of well being.  On the few days when I can’t make it, I feel a sense of loss.  On the days I do make it (which is most of them), I am exhilarated and enlivened. I have made many friendships and have come to love the women in the group and care deeply about them.  It is good to share our stories, experiences, and our knitting.  My husband and I are snow birds and travel 5-6 months per year.  During our time away, I keep in touch with the group through weekly emails, texts, etc  When scheduling appointments I am often asked if I have a day/time preference.  My answer is always, “Not Wednesday morning”.  Enough said.”

“White Birch means many things to me. The support you always give me keeps me going. Besides that I simply will say-

White Birch to me is

“White Birch, Active Living Program has been a link to an outside community that I didn’t know I needed. We moved to this area 3 and 1/2 years ago. I kind of fell into finding White Birch, since I don’t live in Henniker. It has connected me to lovely people, activities and interests that I didn’t know I had. Now, I have a friend who answers my gardening questions, a group to exercise with twice a week and so many friends to laugh with and reminisce about the ” old days!” What more can you ask for? A special thanks to Beth Ann Paul who is our ” ring leader!’. She just “gets us!” In her gentle demeanor, she encourages us and joins in with us. What a friend!”

“White Birch is an integral part of my senior life.  It encourages me to keep active, helps me share meals with others, learn (or relearn) new  games, (Mah Jongg anyone? ) laugh and receive hugs.  The staff and volunteers are smiling all the time.  It just brightens your day and those personal touches mean so much.  You can’t get any luckier than that!  Come,  join our fun.”