Henniker Dentistry Halloween Parade 2020

The Henniker Family Dentistry is having a Spirit Week from 10/26 thru 10/30 and will donate a portion of money to our Center for each patient, hygienist, doctor, etc. that comes through the Dentistry that week, dressed in a costume.

They invited White Birch to come parade down in costume yesterday to the dentistry where they went trick or treating! The dentistry had 5 stations set up in their parking lot. Each station was designated 6 feet or more apart. They passed out all prepackaged items that included goldfishes, toothbrushes, stress balls, applesauce pouches, and stickers!

Henniker Family Dentistry will be donating $10.00 to the White Birch Center for each child or person who wore a costume during the parade yesterday, in addition to anyone coming into the practice dressed in costume throughout the week, will contribute to the total donation!

Thank you Henniker Family Dentistry! White Birch is very appreciative of this generous gift and our children and families thoroughly enjoyed their parade and trick or treat day!


K9 Veterans Day with Officer Daley and Vilo

K9 Veterans Day with Officer Daley and Vilo

It was a very exciting and special day here at WBC. Today is K9 Veterans Day! We invited Officer Daley and Vilo of the New London Police Department to visit our center. Officer Daley talked with our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Classrooms about Vilo and his work and they even got to see Vilo in action! We finished the visit with a very generous gift from the Pre-K and Preschool classrooms to Vilo to thank him for all that he does for the community. Thank you so much to Officer Daley and Vilo for coming to visit. What a great experience for our children and staff! Happy K9 Veterans Day Vilo – come back and visit again!