Both of my daughters have been attending WBCC since they were 12 months old (now they are 2 and 5), and WBCC has been wonderful for my girls!  My youngest has grown into an inquisitive, happy, talking toddler, who always has a new story to tell such as “going on a bear hunt”, or a new song to sing such as “Mr. Golden Sun”!

My older daughter has developed a wonderful skill set with her alphabet, counting, creative play, and basic writing.  She is excited to go to school and is frequently telling me how her classroom is changing with new play areas to keep them stimulated.

For both of my daughters, I receive compliments on how well-developed their speech is, their manners are, and how they are able to communicate their needs to others. In addition to what we do at home, I credit the WBCC teachers efforts, and the wonderful attention and care they give to the children.

I feel I have constant contact with their teachers and that communication with parents is a priority.  Parent teacher conferences and family nights at daycare make it easy to connect with the teachers.  On a more personal note, it makes me feel better as a mom when those mornings come when one of my daughters is having a bad day and I have leave her happily snuggled with a teacher, or being engaged in an activity. Knowing that they go the extra mile to see to my child’s emotion well-being is something that helps get ME through those tough mornings! We’re expecting baby number 3 this fall, and I already know that they will love WBCC as much as their sisters do!