“Amazing job to the staff! You all have been a massive help in this uncertain time. Thank you all so much!”

“I appreciate you and everyone in your program. You are true lifesavers and the unsung heroes of this pandemic.”

“THANK YOU Allison, Emma and Ryder. You are an amazing team and have done a fantastic job this week with the Remote Learning Program. It was a huge undertaking and you guys have rocked it. I know it wasn’t easy, but I can assure you that the families and staff at HCS are so very grateful for all of your hard work to make this such a success!”

“When I pick my three-year-old up from preschool at White Birch, she is always smiling.  Everyday she reports, “I had an awesome day!”  Her older sister, who attends the Extended Education Program, loves to show off art projects and tell us about the fun time she had playing with her friends each afternoon.  After months at home during the pandemic, it is wonderful to see the joy my girls have spending time with their peers and teachers.  I am amazed by how much they have learned and grown over the past few months.  I am grateful to the teachers and staff at White Birch for creating such a loving, safe and supportive place for early education and childcare.”

“White Birch Center’s Remote Learning Program is vital to the community and surrounding towns. During the summer, schools released their back to school plans. The hybrid model created a safe learning environment for students but also presented a challenge for working parents. I was overwhelmed by the stress of finding safe and reliable care for my children on their remote learning days. When I reached out to the White Birch Center, they were supportive and committed to helping my family. The remote learning program has exceeded my expectations. The staff has supported my children’s remote learning schedules and provided additional academic support as needed. The staff has gone above and beyond to provide fun outdoor experiences and engaging art activities to motivate my children. Living through a pandemic is stressful for parents and children. I am thankful for the White Birch Center and the positive and reliable care they provide.”