White Birch Center was recently awarded two generous grants in support of a project to institute technology for assessment practices in Early Learning. The Bruce J. Anderson Foundation, Inc., a supporting organization of the Boston Foundation, awarded a $5,000 grant and the Henniker Rotary Club granted $3,000 to this progressive initiative.

Assessment practices in education help to gather and analyze critical information about a child’s development and growth for parents and families. This information also helps educators to plan appropriate curriculum, instruction, and school transitions for children. White Birch Center is implementing a multi-phase plan to integrate the formal assessment tool, Teaching Strategies Gold (TS Gold), into their Early Learning Program. This recognized assessment tool is based on objectives for development and learning, and is aligned with Common Core State Standards and Early Learning Guidelines.

“Instituting technology in a formal assessment plan at White Birch Center is truly reflective of our commitment to be a leader in high-quality early learning practices, these grants help make this possible” states Leanna Lorden, Director of Children’s Programs at White Birch. The grant money awarded will enable White Birch to transition and train from the manual TS Gold system to the software system. Funds will also support the purchase and training needed for the technology hardware, including projection equipment and iPads. The new technology will enhance data collection, analysis, curriculum planning, program evaluation, information retention, and parent inclusion.