Henniker Chamber of Commerce Supports Mission of White Birch Center

Henniker Chamber of Commerce President, Johanna Michie, presents check to Marc McMurphy, Executive Director of White Birch Center

White Birch Center was recently the fortunate recipient of a generous donation from the Henniker Chamber of Commerce. Johanna Michie, Henniker Chamber President, presented a check for $500.00 to Marc McMurphy, White Birch Center Executive Director. The donation will support the Active Living Program and the film licensure required for movie socials. Seniors in the Active Living Program enjoy regular movie get-togethers and, beginning in February, the Early Learning Program at White Birch will be joining the seniors for an intergenerational movie social on a monthly basis.

“The Henniker Chamber of Commerce is delighted to make this donation to White Birch Center – an organization that does so much more for the community at large than most realize,” noted Michie. Michie explained that this contribution not only recognizes the important work White Birch does across generational lines but also offers a way for the Chamber to give back to the community through the direct local efforts of White Birch.

In addition to the donation to White Birch, the Henniker Chamber is involved in numerous other charitable initiatives including offering a local scholarship fund, hosting a golf event and food drive to support the food pantry, and sponsoring a local toy drive program. The Chamber and White Birch Center share a commitment to community. To learn more about the Chamber please visit www.hennikerchamber.org. The mission of White Birch Center is to be a community leader in providing exceptional programs and services that support learning and active living for children, adults, and families.