Preschoolers from White Birch Center paid a very special visit to the Henniker Fire Department this week. In celebration of “Kindness Week”, the 3-year-olds and their teachers baked dozens of cookies and designed hand-made Thank You cards to present to local Firefighters.   The class took a walk over to the station to meet Captain Mick Costello and Firefighter & Medic, Steve Meade.

The sentiments and appreciation were well-received and the children enjoyed talking with the firefighters and getting up close to the fire engines. Visiting the fire station was one part of the children’s experience in exploring kindness and community. Other activities for the week included bringing flowers and artwork to the White Birch Active Living program, crafting a blanket donated to a local hospital, and filling each other’s class folders with kind messages from classmates and staff. Lead Teacher, Emily Peters, explained “We planned our curriculum this week around the Kindness theme because social development is an important part of early learning and life skills; we’ve all enjoyed it so much”.

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Preschoolers from White Birch Center visit Henniker Fire Department to deliver cookies & Thank You cards in celebration of Kindness Week

Preschool Teacher, Emily Peters, looks on as classmates give home-made cookies to Captain Mick Costello of the Henniker Fire Department