2016 White Birch Center Annual Appeal

Dear Community Friend,

For over four decades, White Birch Center has been touching the lives of generations of Henniker residents. When we reach out to you with this Annual Appeal, we are asking you to consider the question “What will my donation mean to my community?” Here are a few examples of the impact contributions can have:

“We put our trust in White Birch to keep our children safe and to assist in their education while we work to support our family. WBC is a huge part of our local community.”

“The White Birch Active Living program is the place to be. Friends, new and old, trips near and far, sharing interests, activities, food, stories, and support – a community of wonderful people.”

“As a primary care physician, I love hearing from my senior patients that are a part of White Birch – and about how they haven’t fallen since they started participating in chair exercise classes, or how much they enjoy going on day trips with their friends.”

If you are not directly impacted by our Early Learning, Extended Education, Active Living, or community outreach programs, contributing to White Birch is a way to be involved and make a difference.

Do you believe in the critical, lifelong impact of early learning, education, and life skills?

Do you want to support essential services and opportunities that help older adults to stay well and remain connected to their community?

Do you want to keep your charitable support local knowing that White Birch contributes significantly to the financial well-being of the community as an employer, consumer, service provider, and neighbor?

For whatever reason, and with any amount you give, your support of the White Birch Annual Appeal invests in our town and our shared community. We invite you to be part of our mission to be a community leader in providing exceptional programs and services that support learning and active living for children, adults, and families. Let’s make a difference together.


Mark McMurphy
Executive Director
White Birch Center

P.S. As you consider giving a gift to the White Birch Center Annual Appeal, feel free to contact us to arrange for a tour, we’d love to see you!

2016 White Birch Center Annual Appeal