October 21, 2020

Dear White Birch Center Families,

This has been a truly unprecedented time in our country, in our state, in our towns, and at White Birch. We are all living through a difficult time and that brings with it challenges, adjustments, stress, and exhaustion.

Everyone is tired and stressed. A lot has been asked of us, whether it be in our jobs, our families, our relationships, or all those combined, and that takes a toll.

For the entire week of Thanksgiving, November 23rd through the 27th, White Birch Center will be closed, and tuition will not be charged to families. This break will provide some relief for our staff and give them a change to recharge their batteries. When we surveyed families about this possible plan, the responses we received were very positive. We genuinely appreciate your understanding and support.

In addition to this information, we want to update you on a rapidly changing school district decision matrix from SAU 24. If Henniker Community School goes partially or fully remote, White Birch Center will need to adapt. Our Remote Learning Program will become active and our hours will adjust to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children and staff, as well as adhere to the necessary protocols and procedures. The change in hours will be as follows:

  • The Remote Learning Program, which will be housed out of the upstairs space within the White Birch Center building. Drop offs can begin as early as 7:30AM and pickups can happen no later than 4PM, Monday through Friday.
  • The Early Learning Program will begin at 8:00AM and run until 4PM, Monday through Friday.

As of October 21, 2020, there are now 11 active cases of COVID-19 in Henniker. We feel it may be only a matter of time before Henniker Community School makes some sort of change to partial or remote learning. With that in mind, we want to be prudent and make sure you are aware that any changes are likely to happen quickly and we want you to know what our plans are. We understand that these changes may influence your workday and schedule. Thus, if you are looking to make a change to your child’s scheduled enrollment, please reach out to a Program Director to make the necessary changes.

Finally, we want to thank you. Your cooperation, understanding and patience during this pandemic has been incredibly appreciated. Even if you do not agree with every point in our plan or policies, I hope you will know that we care deeply about the children and families we serve, and that we will continue to work hard to do what is best for them. Thank you for your continued support. We consider it an honor and a privilege to partner with you for your children’s education.

Kindest regards,

Leanna Lorden

Director of Children’s Programs