“My daughter has attended WBCC since the age of 12 months and is fortunate to have grown up with the support of such a wonderful environment and excellent staff. She now attends the After School Program a couple of days a week as a second grader. We are so thankful to have such a convenient, comfortable, safe, enriching, and fun place for her to go. The days she is a “White Bircher” are her favorite days of the week.” – Naomi

“The White Birch School Age Program allows my family to be a dual income family.  I have confidence that my daughter is taken care after school with qualified and loving teachers – not babysitters … TEACHERS. Individuals who have earned their credentials.  Her homework gets done while with the School Age Program which equates to a very peaceful time at home in the evening hours.  Now who doesn’t want that!  The whole White Birch family holds a special place in my heart. They help me be a better mom.” – Shanna C.

“The school age program at White Birch gives my son a fun, safe learning environment after school, on school vacation days and during the summer which enables me to maintain a demanding work schedule. He has always enjoyed the activities and field trips that he participates in and has made many lasting friendships while involved in the school age program. The teachers are fun, caring, positive role models for all the children in their programs!” – Jessie

“I honestly can say there are no other programs like what WBC offers to our children.  WBC team is here for our children when we cannot be. WBC is a huge part of our community.” – Isis H.

“My children needed different care than they’d been receiving- at a private in-home location. I was VERY concerned about my children’s ability to transition, and my eldest, in particular, as an introvert was my main concern. Not only did our eldest son transition smoothly- he thrived there. He really blossomed and has been far happier than we ever could have imagined- I attribute that to the caring hearts of the teachers with whom he’s been fortunate enough to work.” – Keri B.

“White Birch teachers are really wonderful people who care a great deal about our children- as though they were their own.” – Keri B.

“Child care is the most expensive thing we pay out each month – it’s more than our rent – but you cannot put a price on the kind of care our children receive at White Birch. It’s a worthwhile investment.” Keri B.

“We love the teachers at White Birch – they’re very personable- we’ve practically adopted them as additional members of our family, we love them so.” – Keri B.

“We love the meals that our boys have received at White Birch; it’s helped them to try new foods and saved me a ton of time and energy in the morning!!!” – Keri B.

“We love the out-of-the-box classroom activities and field trips our children get to participate in – things that get them outside and experiencing life while we work to support our family.” – Keri B.

“We know that our children have good days every day because they are at White Birch while we work.” – Keri B.

“White Birch makes the February & April vacation weeks fun for our children while we work. The kids get to do cool things and we hear all about it.” – Keri B.

“I love that we get to see on Facebook what our children are up to during the day- because it’s really hard to have to leave your small children to work full time. I’d be home with them if I could, my husband would be home with them if he could, this is the next best thing to that. Our children are loved, are treated really well, and we are kept in the loop 100% of the time.” – Keri B.

“WBC gives my husband and I comfort, trust and the ability to be a two income family.  Our daughter has been with WBC since she was around 2 years old, because of WBC, she has bloomed into the 8 year-old she is now.”  – Shanna C.

“White Birch Center allows the children to explore things themselves.  What I mean by this – WBC lets them make decisions.  Whether or not it’s a good or bad decision, we wait, we see the outcome, and we discuss.  The teachers/camp counselors assist and guide the children to make the smart and right decisions and discuss the “why” for certain decisions that … well, weren’t good decisions.” – Shanna C.

“WBC lets my child PLAY! My child is part of the After School Program and gets to play while she learns how to interact with her peers; make decisions with her peers; have discussions with her peers; and has fun with her peers.  Energy is exerted.  I have an exhausted child when we pick her up – good exhausted.  Also, the WBC teachers help her with her homework!  This is a complete win!” – Shanna C.

“White Birch Center is an active, daily part of each child in their program.  We as parents put our trust in WBC to keep our children safe but also to assist in their education; White Birch isn’t a daycare, it’s a school.”  – Shanna C.

“We’ve been utilizing the White Birch after school and summer programs for a few years. One of their best assets is their summer program. They offer fun and original field trips, a ropes course every week and swimming!  We really enjoy the program and its flexibility.”  – Jeannie A.

“My husband and I couldn’t fully participate in our respective US Postal and medical careers as parents without White Birch Center’s Child Care and Before/After school programs. They consistently provide a safe, secure, nurturing environment for our 2 girls.”  – Shawn S., MD

“We really appreciate the extended hours which accommodate working parents with real-life schedules, not just 8-4 or 9-5.”   – Shawn S., MD

“The hardest thing about having our daughters in the afterschool program is that when I get a chance to pick them up early, they don’t want to leave their friends or activities yet and ask to stay longer!” – Shawn S., MD

“We have great memories of White Birch Literacy nights and engaging in creative projects with our daughters. I think the last one we attended was 2 years ago and they still will not allow us to discard the “beaches in a bottle” they made w/ hair goo and vegetable oil, sand and plastic fish!” – Shawn S., MD