Rates & Financial Information

2017-2018 Rates

Effective July 3, 2017

Before School Program at Henniker Community School

Full Week: $32.00Open from 6:30 AM-7:50 AM

Daily Rate: $12.00One day advanced notice for attendance

After School Program at Henniker Community School

Full Week: $85.00Open from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM; Includes PM snack

Daily Rate: $27.00One to three days per week

Before and After School at Henniker Community School

Full Week Only: $100.00

School Vacation Weeks – Summer Camp

Full Week: $200.002 Week Advanced Notice Requested; Includes Field Trips, AM and PM Snack

Daily Rate: $55.002 Week Advanced Notice Requested; Teacher Workshop days

HCS Kindergarten Wrap-Around (6:30 AM – 3:00 PM for children attending public kindergarten)

Full Week: $93.00Includes breakfast or lunch and transportation to/from HCS

Daily Rate: $32.00Includes breakfast or lunch and transportation to/from HCS

Financial Agreements

White Birch Center will have a signed Financial Agreement with all parents or guardians for all programs for each child. The Financial Agreement will set the hours that the child will attend White Birch Center, and the weekly or monthly fee to be paid. Provide Link to Enrollment Form

Two weeks’ notice must be given if you wish to change your schedule in the Financial Agreement.

The fee in the Agreement must be paid even when your child is absent. It must be paid for holidays when White Birch Center is closed if your child is normally scheduled for that day.

Sometimes, holiday and vacations can be confusing as to when and what fees apply. At these times, please call the office for clarification.

Tuition Schedule and Payments

Tuition Rates are reviewed yearly and approved by the Board of Directors. Please refer to the current rate schedule, above. Prompt tuition payments are expected.

A non-refundable Registration Fee of $50 is payable once at registration for families new to any of our programs. The fee is per family, not per child.

To help keep overall tuition rates down, White Birch Center is not able to offer families vacation weeks. If you pull your child from the program for a family vacation, regular tuition rates will still be assessed.

Billing is done one week ahead for service (or 3-5 days before the beginning of the month for Crayon College). If you have any questions regarding your invoice, please contact the Office Manager.

Payment Methods

Payments may be made by Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Master Card, VISA, AMEX, or Discover Card). Please make checks payable to WBCC. Please indicate who/what the payment is for on the memo line.

White Birch Center harges a fee for checks returned for insufficient funds.

You can mail your payments (do not mail cash), pay in the Business Office, or use one of the two Secure Payment Boxes in the Red Child Care building (your child’s teacher can tell you where they are located).

Late Payments

A late payment fee is assessed when tuition is not received in a timely manner. Please refer to the Financial Agreement for information about fees and payments.

If for some reason you are unable to make a payment, please discuss the issue with the Office Manager or the Executive Director. We do understand that families struggle financially from time to time, and keeping the lines of communication open is the only way we can help resolve those issues.


White Birch Center is not able to offer scholarships itself. However, families may apply for a New Hampshire Child Care Scholarship through the State of NH. Information on how to apply is available at the White Birch Business Office or at www.nheasy.gov.


For families with 2 or more children in our programming, a 10% discount will be applied to the rate of the child with the lowest tuition.

Termination of Enrollment

White Birch Center requests a minimum of two weeks written notice in the event that your child will be leaving our program. In the unlikely event that White Birch Center must terminate the agreement, every effort will be made to give a minimum of two weeks notice. The Executive Director makes all decisions regarding the termination of enrollment.