“When I pick my three-year-old up from preschool at White Birch, she is always smiling.  Everyday she reports, “I had an awesome day!”  Her older sister, who attends the Extended Education Program, loves to show off art projects and tell us about the fun time she had playing with her friends each afternoon.  After months at home during the pandemic, it is wonderful to see the joy my girls have spending time with their peers and teachers.  I am amazed by how much they have learned and grown over the past few months.  I am grateful to the teachers and staff at White Birch for creating such a loving, safe and supportive place for early education and childcare.”

Mary Kate Hattan

“We would highly recommend White Birch to any parent seeking a fun and creative learning environment for their children. The teachers are personable and informative, and we know our child is safe with them and will be having an enriching experience each day. Our child loves music, and it is refreshing to know that his daycare provider motivates him to cultivate that passion, stressing physical and social growth through art, sensory bins and dance.”

Hannah G.

“I felt the need to write your center a quick note letting you know of the experience my family has had during our time here.  The staff always give such a warm greeting when we walk through the door each morning, making it easier for us to drop our little guy off.  We know he is loved and cared for while he is here at White Birch.  Our son has come home with stories about friends and teachers and describes scenarios with such excitement, and we attribute that to the kindness and knowledge of his teachers who work so hard to provide the children with quality learning experiences.

Our transition to a new town has been so much easier because of your staff here at White Birch Center.  We have felt welcomed from the start and we know that we made the right decision when we chose to send our child here.  We are so thankful that we don’t have to compromise any of our “must haves” when it comes to childcare.  By bringing our child to White Birch, we know we are providing him with a safe, loving, environment where he is learning to become a wonderful little being.  We couldn’t do it without your help.

Thank you all for your love and dedication, we truly appreciate you.”

The Webb Family

“We love the early learning program at White Birch! The teachers are caring, engaged and knowledgeable. They provide a structured environment that incorporates learning into fun games and activities. My boys adore their teachers and can’t wait to tell us about the fun stuff they did all day and everything that they learned. As a parent, I love seeing that they are not only having fun but learning.”

Rebecca Turcotte

“Ever since my son has started at White Birch I have seen immense growth from him, physically and mentally. Having him come home after school and tell me the ABC’s and counting his numbers makes me so happy, knowing he’s constantly learning new things at school. One of my favorite things about the program is the faith I have in his teachers, they’re amazing. I’ve always been that hesitant parent that was nervous to put their child in a childcare program scared of the “what if’s” but I can say with honesty and confidence that I completely trust my son being in the hands of the teachers in my sons classroom. The fact that he talks about his teachers while we’re at home, or on the weekends shows me that he also feels trust in them, and there’s honestly no better feeling. White Birch has set my son up to succeed and I’m excited for all that’s to come.”

McKenzie L.

“We absolutely love White Birch. Our kids have been in the program since 2013. We’ve used both the early learning and the afterschool/summer program. Whenever I drop my kids off at White Birch I know they’re going to have a good day. I trust the teachers to build educational fun into the games they play. They get lots of time to run around outside, and I love that they walk through the NEC campus.

I was worried about my son’s readiness for kindergarten next year since he’s not interested in academics. White Birch did a really nice job of waiting for him to be ready and offering him lots of opportunities to practice. He all of sudden came home recently and was counting to 20. He knows his letters and numbers and will definitely be ready for Kindergarten, even though he isn’t the type of kid who likes to sit down for traditional academic learning.

Thank you for taking care of my kids. It means a lot to me that I can drop my kids off with adults who care about them and make sure they grow socially, emotionally and academically.”

Becky P.

“As a full time working family, our oldest daughter has been in a daycare setting since 8 weeks old. Last year was a hard change, as we switched from the center we had been at for 4 years. White birch was so welcoming and supportive. In the pre-k class, My daughters independence sky rocketed through her first summer there. She adapted so well to her new surroundings and made instant friends.  The class is staffed well where children get a great balance of attention and the ability to explore.

As for our younger daughter, I can’t say enough about the staff in the 1 year old room. They are so attentive to the children especially if they are not feeling well. The communication is excellent. Our family relies on support of both children’s teachers, we consider them family to our kids because they have such an important role. All the staff at WB welcomed us with open arms, we feel like we’ve been there for years.”

Melissa D.

“I honestly can say there are no other programs like what WBC offers to our children.  WBC team is here for our children when we cannot be. WBC is a huge part of our community.”

Isis H.

Both of my daughters have been attending WBCC since they were 12 months old (now they are 2 and 5), and WBCC has been wonderful for my girls!  My youngest has grown into an inquisitive, happy, talking toddler, who always has a new story to tell such as “going on a bear hunt”, or a new song to sing such as “Mr. Golden Sun”!

My older daughter has developed a wonderful skill set with her alphabet, counting, creative play, and basic writing.  She is excited to go to school and is frequently telling me how her classroom is changing with new play areas to keep them stimulated.

For both of my daughters, I receive compliments on how well-developed their speech is, their manners are, and how they are able to communicate their needs to others. In addition to what we do at home, I credit the WBCC teachers efforts, and the wonderful attention and care they give to the children.

I feel I have constant contact with their teachers and that communication with parents is a priority.  Parent teacher conferences and family nights at daycare make it easy to connect with the teachers.  On a more personal note, it makes me feel better as a mom when those mornings come when one of my daughters is having a bad day and I have leave her happily snuggled with a teacher, or being engaged in an activity. Knowing that they go the extra mile to see to my child’s emotion well-being is something that helps get ME through those tough mornings! We’re expecting baby number 3 this fall, and I already know that they will love WBCC as much as their sisters do!

Kara B.

“White Birch Center allows the children to explore things themselves.  What I mean by this – WBC lets them make decisions.  Whether or not it’s a good or bad decision, we wait, we see the outcome, and we discuss.  The teachers/camp counselors assist and guide the children to make the smart and right decisions and discuss the “why” for certain decisions that … well, weren’t good decisions. Overall, WBC gives my husband and I comfort, trust and the ability to be a two income family.  Our daughter has been with WBC since she was around 2 years old, because of WBC, she has bloomed into the 8 year-old she is now.”

Shanna C.

“My daughter has attended WBCC since the age of 12 months and is fortunate to have grown up with the support of such a wonderful environment and excellent staff. She now attends the After School Program a couple of days a week as a second grader. We are so thankful to have such a convenient, comfortable, safe, enriching, and fun place for her to go. The days she is a “White Bircher” are her favorite days of the week.”


“My children needed different care than they’d been receiving- at a private in-home location. I was VERY concerned about my children’s ability to transition, and my eldest, in particular, as an introvert was my main concern. Not only did our eldest son transition smoothly- he thrived there. He really blossomed and has been far happier than we ever could have imagined- I attribute that to the caring hearts of the teachers with whom he’s been fortunate enough to work. White Birch teachers are really wonderful people who care a great deal about our children- as though they were their own – they’re very personable- we’ve practically adopted them as additional members of our family, we love them so.”

Keri B.