The White Birch Center for Early Learning is a year round child care program for children ages one to five years old. As a License Plus designated child care center, White Birch is committed not only to quality child care for children ages 1 to 5 but also to early learning. White Birch Center has two playgrounds, a one- and two-year-old playground and a three- to five-year-old playground. All ages have individual classrooms located in the same building.

Each classroom provides:

A safe and nurturing environment, fair and consistent classroom management, enthusiastic and friendly teaching staff, an organized daily program including: choice time, arts, story time, books, quiet time, structured play, health and fitness, music, games, group activities, outdoor play, emergent curriculum, and current First Aid / CPR certified teaching staff.


White Birch Center, 51 Hall Avenue, Henniker, NH


7:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday



What is emergent curriculum?

Emergent curriculum is built around the interests that emerge from children’s ideas. It is curriculum that develops from exploring what is socially relevant, intellectually engaging, and personally meaningful to children. This types of curriculum connects learning with experience and prior knowledge. It responds to children’s immediate interests and is typically implemented after an idea emerges from a group of children

Emergent Curriculum in the Classroom

The teachers in each classroom believe that young children learn best through play. Young children learn the most important things by constructing knowledge for themselves, through interactions with others. When observing children at play, the teachers learn about the developmental progress of each child and what skills they are working on. The teachers listen to the children’s ideas and planning emerges from the children’s interests. Teachers observe ways to extend each child’s thinking and learning within child-initiated activities.

Center-wide standards of practice that we use and regulations that we adhere to:

New Hampshire Early Learning Standards (PDF)

New Hampshire Child Care Licensing Rules and Regulations (PDF)

KnitWits give to Preschool & Pre-K Classes

Our Active Living KnitWits Group made so many amazing things this year! The Preschool and Pre-K children had the chance to pick out a present for one special person in their family on Monday. The rest will all be donated! Thank you KnitWits Group!

Pre-K Singing with Miss Mary!

Letters to Community Helpers from WBC Pre-K

Our Pre-K Class took a trip to Henniker Post Office to mail our Community Helpers some very special letters. Our local Police Officers and Firefighters are in for a very sweet surprise!

World Kindness Day 2019 at WBC!

Happy World Kindness Day from WBC! Our Tots Classroom visited our Admin Staff with hand made notes of appreciation!   "There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind, The second way is to be kind, The third way is to be...

National Parents as Teachers Day 2019

Today is National Parents as Teachers Day! This was established in 2001 as a day to promote awareness of the impact of Parent Involvement. Our Pre-K & Preschool Classrooms are sending home fun STEM project ideas, our Tots Classroom is...

WBC Preschool – learning about the letter “I”

The Preschool Class is focusing on the letter "I" this week! Today they opened up their very own Ice cream shop for the kids to help with cognitive development. Dramatic play is a huge part of our curriculum everyday. It’s very helpful for fine motor...