“A friendly Hello, a welcoming smile,
Come visit White Birch and stay for a while.
There is knitting and exercise, movies and more,
There are socials and trips and stories galore.
It’s bright and it’s beautiful, new carpet on the floor,
A place to see friends and make many more,
It’s Beth Ann and Marc with their own friendly way,
That makes us feel special and brightens our day.
So come check it out, you are missing a lot.
Thanks White Birch Senior Center for this friendly happy spot.

(You don’t stop having fun when you get old – You get old when you stop having fun. That’s not my quote but I believe it).”

Louise F.

“White Birch is an integral part of my senior life.  It encourages me to keep active, helps me share meals with others, learn (or relearn) new  games, (Mah Jongg anyone? ) laugh and receive hugs.  The staff and volunteers are smiling all the time.  It just brightens your day and those personal touches mean so much.  You can’t get any luckier than that!  Come,  join our fun.”


“White Birch means many things to me. The support you always give me keeps me going. Besides that I simply will say-

White Birch to me is

Louise French

“Attending the many programs offered at White Birch keeps me physically and mentally active. I enjoy yoga, movies, knitwits, senior lunches, trivia, and many day trips.”


“The White Birch seniors are going to miss all of our wonderful programs this Winter. I’m going to miss seeing everyone.”

Mary Brouillet

“White Birch, Active Living Program has been a link to an outside community that I didn’t know I needed. We moved to this area 3 and 1/2 years ago. I kind of fell into finding White Birch, since I don’t live in Henniker. It has connected me to lovely people, activities and interests that I didn’t know I had. Now, I have a friend who answers my gardening questions, a group to exercise with twice a week and so many friends to laugh with and reminisce about the ” old days!” What more can you ask for? A special thanks to Beth Ann Paul who is our ” ring leader!’. She just “gets us!” In her gentle demeanor, she encourages us and joins in with us. What a friend!”

Louise Elkaliouby

“There is always a welcoming atmosphere created by the staff and the other participants at White Birch’s Center for Active Living.  We play, laugh, engage in serious conversations and learn so much from each other’s life experiences.  I feel very blessed and privileged to be part of this vibrant White Birch community.”

Louise C.

“I was introduced to the White Birch Senior Center when I went to a luncheon and on a couple of trips. It was fun and everyone was very friendly. I joined the KnitWits (knitting group) and met many wonderful people who all became my friends – not just people you see once a week, but people of all ages that you know you can count on for help. We go on many trips that include shopping–my favorite thing to do. These trips are fun and always end with lunch, and of course, ice cream. I also volunteer at the senior monthly luncheons and enjoy every minute of it.”


“I don’t remember when I started coming to WB as a “senior”.  I was somewhat familiar with the program because of my 2 older sisters.  Once I was no longer involved in regular work, I got involved in volunteering with dial-a-ride, then saw a note about becoming a youth mentor. I have met so many new and interesting people that I am enjoying every minute of my volunteer work.  Now I’m involved in the bone builder program, go to most of the senior monthly luncheons, take in a free movie and popcorn, go to Ted Talks, play cards weekly, and even got my husband to join me in some of the activities. There’s no reason for any seniors from Henniker (and surrounding towns) to be bored!! Love this place, and especially the great staff.”

Rita M.

“I am somewhat new to the group, just 2 years, but feel these women have been my friends forever.The knitting group is central to my sense of well being.  On the few days when I can’t make it, I feel a sense of loss.  On the days I do make it (which is most of them), I am exhilarated and enlivened. I have made many friendships and have come to love the women in the group and care deeply about them.  It is good to share our stories, experiences, and our knitting.  My husband and I are snow birds and travel 5-6 months per year.  During our time away, I keep in touch with the group through weekly emails, texts, etc  When scheduling appointments I am often asked if I have a day/time preference.  My answer is always, “Not Wednesday morning”.  Enough said.”

Kathi Weir

As a relative new comer to Henniker, it was important to me to reach out and begin to be part of a community of active like-minded adults…my clan so to speak.   I started to attend some of the varied activities, trips and programs being offered.  Besides becoming informed about subjects that benefit me at this stage of my life, I continue to enjoy meeting and getting to know the other participants in the program.

Louise C.

“White Birch Senior Center is the place to be.  Friends, new and old, trips near and far, sharing food and sharing stories.  We may enter tentatively but quickly discover a community of wonderful people.”

Peggy H.

“As a primary care physician–I love hearing from my senior patients who use the White Birch Center about how they haven’t fallen since then started participating in chair exercise classes, or how much they enjoy going on day trips with their friends. As a health care provider I like knowing there are places like this I can suggest to my local seniors.”

Shawn S., MD

Senior Citizens need a place like White Birch where they can take part in many different activities and to spend times with others. Many of those that attend live alone and look forward to this. It’s a warm and caring place. It’s like our second home. In the hot summer days we are always welcome to come in where it’s cool. In the winter a warm place if there if a heating problem at their home.


“I enjoy attending White Birch Community Center each week to keep in touch with wonderful friends whom I did not know before. There is always something going on whether it be educational, health issues, making puzzles, or delicious senior meals. And I can’t forget the knitting group the “Knit Wits” who always share patterns and laughter. Beth Ann Paul who is the Senior Program Director is just top notch in putting the program’s together and Marc McMurphy is a great Executive Director!”

Carol K.

“I have never had so many wonderful people to call friends at one time. What I thought would be a dull rest of my life has been turned into something great. I now look forward to every upcoming activity at White Birch’s Center for Active Living.”


“There are many things I like about the Center for Active Living at White Birch including the sense of connection that I feel with the staff and participants, the varied programs and activities offered, and the attention given to reach out to a wide range of folks…retired as well as the boomers.”

Louise C.

“I feel so blessed to be a part of the White Birch Knit Wits (knitting group). This is such a wonderful group of ladies that get together once a week to work their little hands making such wonderful and beautiful items to donate to many great causes throughout our state. I Love spending time with all of them – sharing our skills and laughs. It gives me great pleasure to do my part to help in any way that I can. I also Love the social time!”

George B.W.