Active Living


Our Active Living program is dynamic, offering older adults in our community the opportunity to engage with others and embrace wellness through a wide variety of activities. Through health & fitness initiatives, educational workshops, dining experiences, cultural programs, leisure activities, games, outings, crafts, and community service, older adults have a fun and supportive avenue to socialize and be vibrant. Currently our Active Living program has grown to serve approximately 375 folks in a given year.



20feb11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

20feb11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

20feb1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

21feb11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

21feb3:00 pmChessActive Living

22febAll DayShopping NashuaActive Living

23feb11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

23feb1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

26feb9:00 amBridgeActive Living

26feb10:00 amDominoesActive Living

27feb11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

27feb11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

27feb1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

28feb3:00 pmChessActive Living


2mar1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

5mar9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

5mar9:00 amBridgeActive Living

5mar10:00 amDominoesActive Living

6mar11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

6mar11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

6mar1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

7mar1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

7mar3:00 pmChessActive Living

9mar11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

9mar1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

12mar9:00 amBridgeActive Living

12mar10:00 amDominoesActive Living

12mar12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

12mar1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

13mar11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

13mar11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

13mar1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

14marAll DayAn Irish CelebrationActive Living

14mar3:00 pmChessActive Living

15mar11:00 amTED TalkActive Living

16mar1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

19mar9:00 amBridgeActive Living

19mar10:00 amDominoesActive Living

20mar11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

20mar11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

20mar1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

21mar11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

21mar3:00 pmChessActive Living

23mar11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

23mar1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

26mar9:00 amBridgeActive Living

26mar10:00 amDominoesActive Living

27mar11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

27mar11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

27mar1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

28mar3:00 pmChessActive Living

30mar1:00 pmCribbageActive Living


2apr9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

2apr9:00 amBridgeActive Living

2apr10:00 amDominoesActive Living

3apr11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

3apr11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

3apr1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

4apr1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

4apr3:00 pmChessActive Living

6apr1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

9apr9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

9apr9:00 amBridgeActive Living

9apr10:00 amDominoesActive Living

9apr12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

9apr1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

10apr11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

10apr11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

10apr1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

11apr3:00 pmChessActive Living

12apr - 17All DayWashington, DC Tour & Cherry Blossom ParadeActive Living

13apr11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

13apr1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

16apr9:00 amBridgeActive Living

16apr10:00 amDominoesActive Living

17apr11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

17apr11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

17apr1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

18apr11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

18apr3:00 pmChessActive Living

19apr11:00 amTED TalkActive Living

20apr1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

23apr9:00 amBridgeActive Living

23apr10:00 amDominoesActive Living

24apr11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

24apr11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

24apr1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

25apr3:00 pmChessActive Living

27apr11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

27apr1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

30apr9:00 amBridgeActive Living

30apr10:00 amDominoesActive Living


1may11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

1may11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

1may1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

2may1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

2may3:00 pmChessActive Living

4may1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

7may9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

7may9:00 amBridgeActive Living

7may10:00 amDominoesActive Living

8may11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

8may11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

8may1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

9may3:00 pmChessActive Living

11may11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

11may1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

14may9:00 amBridgeActive Living

14may10:00 amDominoesActive Living

14may12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

14may1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

15may11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

15may11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

15may1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

16may11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

16may3:00 pmChessActive Living

17may11:00 amTED TalkActive Living

18may1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

21may9:00 amBridgeActive Living

21may10:00 amDominoesActive Living

22may11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

22may11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

22may1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

23may3:00 pmChessActive Living

25may11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

25may1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

28may9:00 amBridgeActive Living

28may10:00 amDominoesActive Living

29may11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

29may11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

29may1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

30may3:00 pmChessActive Living


1jun1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

4jun9:00 amBridgeActive Living

4jun9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

4jun10:00 amDominoesActive Living

5jun11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

5jun11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

5jun1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

6jun1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

6jun3:00 pmChessActive Living

8jun11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

8jun1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

11jun9:00 amBridgeActive Living

11jun10:00 amDominoesActive Living

11jun12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

11jun1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

12jun11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

12jun11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

12jun1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

13jun3:00 pmChessActive Living

15jun1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

18jun9:00 amBridgeActive Living

18jun10:00 amDominoesActive Living

19jun11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

19jun11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

19jun1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

20jun11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

20jun3:00 pmChessActive Living

21jun11:00 amTED TalkActive Living

22jun11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

22jun1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

25jun9:00 amBridgeActive Living

25jun10:00 amDominoesActive Living

26jun11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

26jun11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

26jun1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

27jun3:00 pmChessActive Living

29jun1:00 pmCribbageActive Living


2jul9:00 amBridgeActive Living

2jul9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

2jul10:00 amDominoesActive Living

3jul11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

3jul11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

3jul1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

4jul1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

4jul3:00 pmChessActive Living

6jul1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

9jul9:00 amBridgeActive Living

9jul9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

9jul10:00 amDominoesActive Living

9jul12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

9jul1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

10jul11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

10jul11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

10jul1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

11jul3:00 pmChessActive Living

13jul11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

13jul1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

16jul9:00 amBridgeActive Living

16jul10:00 amDominoesActive Living

17jul11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

17jul11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

17jul1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

18jul11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

18jul3:00 pmChessActive Living

19jul11:00 amTED TalkActive Living

20jul1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

23jul9:00 amBridgeActive Living

23jul10:00 amDominoesActive Living

24jul11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

24jul11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

24jul1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

25jul3:00 pmChessActive Living

27jul11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

27jul1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

30jul9:00 amBridgeActive Living

30jul10:00 amDominoesActive Living

31jul11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

31jul11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

31jul1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living


1aug1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

1aug3:00 pmChessActive Living

3aug1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

6aug9:00 amBridgeActive Living

6aug9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

6aug10:00 amDominoesActive Living

7aug11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

7aug11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

7aug1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

8aug3:00 pmChessActive Living

10aug11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

10aug1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

13aug9:00 amBridgeActive Living

13aug10:00 amDominoesActive Living

13aug12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

13aug1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

14aug11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

14aug11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

14aug1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

15aug11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

15aug3:00 pmChessActive Living

16aug11:00 amTED TalkActive Living

17aug1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

20aug9:00 amBridgeActive Living

20aug10:00 amDominoesActive Living

21aug11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

21aug11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

21aug1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

22aug3:00 pmChessActive Living

24aug11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

24aug1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

27aug9:00 amBridgeActive Living

27aug10:00 amDominoesActive Living

28aug11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

28aug11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

28aug1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

29aug3:00 pmChessActive Living

31aug1:00 pmCribbageActive Living


3sep9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

3sep9:00 amBridgeActive Living

3sep10:00 amDominoesActive Living

4sep11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

4sep11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

4sep1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

5sep1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

5sep3:00 pmChessActive Living

7sep1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

10sep9:00 amBridgeActive Living

10sep10:00 amDominoesActive Living

10sep12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

10sep1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

11sep11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

11sep11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

11sep1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

12sep3:00 pmChessActive Living

14sep11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

14sep1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

17sep9:00 amBridgeActive Living

17sep10:00 amDominoesActive Living

18sep11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

18sep11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

18sep1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

19sep11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

19sep3:00 pmChessActive Living

20sep11:00 amTED TalkActive Living

21sep1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

24sep9:00 amBridgeActive Living

24sep10:00 amDominoesActive Living

25sep11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

25sep11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

25sep1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

26sep3:00 pmChessActive Living

28sep11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

28sep1:00 pmCribbageActive Living


1oct9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

1oct9:00 amBridgeActive Living

1oct10:00 amDominoesActive Living

2oct11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

2oct11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

2oct1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

3oct1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

3oct3:00 pmChessActive Living

5oct1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

8oct9:00 amBridgeActive Living

8oct9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

8oct10:00 amDominoesActive Living

8oct12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

8oct1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

9oct11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

9oct11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

9oct1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

10oct3:00 pmChessActive Living

12oct11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

12oct1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

15oct9:00 amBridgeActive Living

15oct10:00 amDominoesActive Living

16oct11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

16oct11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

16oct1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

17oct11:00 am- 4:00 pmCRVNAActive Living

17oct3:00 pmChessActive Living

18oct11:00 amTED TalkActive Living

19oct1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

22oct9:00 amBridgeActive Living

22oct10:00 amDominoesActive Living

23oct11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

23oct11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

23oct1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

24oct3:00 pmChessActive Living

26oct11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

26oct1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

29oct9:00 amBridgeActive Living

29oct10:00 amDominoesActive Living

30oct11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

30oct11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

30oct1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

31oct3:00 pmChessActive Living


2nov1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

5nov9:00 amChair YogaActive Living

5nov9:00 amBridgeActive Living

5nov10:00 amDominoesActive Living

6nov11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

6nov11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

6nov1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

7nov1:00 pmTeam TriviaActive Living

7nov3:00 pmChessActive Living

9nov11:00 amMah JonggActive Living

9nov1:00 pmCribbageActive Living

12nov9:00 amBridgeActive Living

12nov10:00 amDominoesActive Living

12nov12:00 pmMonthly Luncheon

12nov1:00 pmBook ClubActive Living

13nov11:00 amArt TimeActive Living

13nov11:00 amComputer TutorActive Living

13nov1:00 pmTuesday MovieActive Living

14nov3:00 pmChessActive Living